The philosophy of Remark Consulting offers its services to companies in different segments and industries – global, regional, and local, which are in need of business and marketing consulting. These segments include: production, finance, telecoms, technologies, trade, online trade, business services, software, national institutions, education, etc.

As marketing consultants, we can perform a wide range of advertising and marketing activities, needed for the existence and prosperity of each business and company. They include:
Strategic Marketing;
Product Analysis;
Positioning and Categorization;
Regular Analysis of the Market and Competition;
Corporate and Visual Identity of the Company;
Long-term Marketing Strategy;
Presentations and Trainings;
Lobbying and Building Contact Lists;
Creating a Consolidated Company Vision;
Development a Methodology for Regular Client Feedback;
Analyzing and Making Strategic Decisions;
Preparation of a Regular Bulletin for the Company’s Employees;
Preparation and Visual Formation of Quarterly or Annual Reports;
Organization of Marketing Researches;
Ideas and Concepts for Communication Activities in the Following Channels (Traditional and Alternative):
• Television;
• Radio;
• Print;
• Internet;
• Indoor or Outdoor Advertising;
• Events, Initiatives and Promotions;
• Direct Marketing;
• Souvenir Advertising;
• Media Planning and Purchase.

We offer also:
Marketing Strategies
Market Segmentation and Targeting
Brand Positioning and Targeting
Marketing Planning
Product and Price Strategies
Consumer Motives
Marketing Presentation and Evaluation

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